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OMG! its been forever!

I almost completely forgot i had this thing! not like many people look at these things anymore...but just in case. I've fallen off the face of the earth, basically, being busy with school and work and other things life has to throw at me. everyone who has called or emailed or messaged me and asked how life is goes!

first - my little birdie, phoenix (who is happily running back and forth across my laptop screen), is doing well! He can talk and play soccer and hes working on throwing his ball into a net, but i think that might take him a little bit of time still. he eats the edges of all my homework assignments if they are left on my bedroom floor and poops EVERYWHERE (so needless to say im cleaning my entire room everyday), but i love him and he is becoming more accustomed to all the different people in my life. Hes my little dude!


school is going okay too. I got a 4.0 last semester, but thats becasue all i did was read and write papers. the worst part about it was that it was a history class...and you normally dont write all those papers in a history class (especially if its not your major), but i guess it was good for me since i need all the help writing essays i can get! this semester im having a bit more trouble with - since two of my teachers are BRAND NEW TO TEACHING - so they are taking it out on us..but itll only get me ready for grad school. I just cant wait for the semester to be over!! then its summer time - and ive got some plans that i cant wait to get started on.


then theres kyle. for most of know who this is. and the most of you will admitt he was the worst thing anbd the best thing that ever happened to me in ways. He lives in florida now, working for disney, but we still talk everyday and we're still good freinds. he comes home in may and is planning on going to central in the fall, and i cant wait to see him. Even though i dont think central was necessarily a great choice for schools - it is one of the only schools that offers what he wants to do without him having to go out of state. so i guess a three hour drive to see him is better than bokoing a flight, right? (haha i rhymed..)


then there is ryan! <3 hes my current boyfriend and im sure my close freinds hate him right now because he has been stealing my spare time between work and school, but what can ya do? he is 28, works for ford in a plush corner office, has a house in rochester, and we've been together for a little over a year now. we are planning to go to the bahamas in may if everything still goes to plan with school and work. Im soo excited! hes tall, dark hair and eyes, and he is athletic. he ran an iron man two years ago and didnt do too bad for the conditions he was given, but since then he runs in marathons and things like that. Hes getting me in shape too - which i could use, besides my kickboxing class! but thats about all for him...if anything big happens ill let you know!


im working two jobs: potbelly and beaumont. most of the doctors are pretty nice, but you know how doctors can be. some are pretty cute too! =) watch out ryan!

Other than that...i guess thats about it. sorry i seemed dead for a while guys! i promise im back!
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