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ALright, sp, small quick update before i have to leave to go to work:

1) phoenix is doing awesome! I taught him to play ball! Its so cute! You should all come over and see it.

2) my car is completely gone. The damage done > how much car is actually worth. it time to start looking at leases! any ideas?

3) His name is Dave. :) im sorta excited about him!

4) I hate kyle.

end of update. Ill type more when i have time later tonight, but that is all for now.

Oh, and P.S.

To Mr. Arizona,

For all the "im not over her. why wont she give me my heart back.." stuff - - - - if you've taken a look at her myspace, she seems to be pretty well over you. Like i told you, she gave you your heart back a long time ago...your just not willing to accept it. So dont even yell at me about how I couldnt be over someone when he treats me like shit. Your still hanging on to nothing that doesnt exist 2000 miles away.
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