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Jessica Marie


So my life has definately hit rock bottom.

The other night kyle, my cousin mike, his girlfriend megan, and I were going out to eat at this restaurant named whiskeys in L.O to watch the tiger game and grab some desert. On the way there, I hit a deer. It was the saddest thing ever.

He was standing in the middle left hand turn lane, and I saw him. I turned off my brights because that only makes it worse for the deer. I went to slow down, to try and swerve around him, but he ran in front of my car anyway. I didnt honk becuase i didnt think that would help, so i just tried to go around.

Then i heard the worst sound in the world - *thud*

I hit him in the front. Later I found out I broke his leg. The poor deer.

I felt so bad. All i could do was cry. He just layed there in the street, facing towards oncoming traffic, looking into headlights. At one point, I had let ouyt a scream, and yelled at the dear that i was sorry. By this point I was bawling and coudlnt believe io had murdered a deer. He looked up, and back at me and my cousin. I wanted to run over to him, and pet him and tell him i was sorry and that it woud all be over soon - but Mike wouldnt let me get close to it. That made it even worse.

AS i cried on the side of the rode, two people had stopped to divert traffic. When the deer tried to get up to get off teh highway, I cried even harder, because it is the worst thing in the world to watch an animal be in pain, and not be able to do anything about it. I know i couldnt help him and i didnt want to watch the cop shoot him, so i didnt know what to do. I was panicing, and crying, and just wanting the deer to be okay..... was probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I felt like such a murderer.

THree guys had stopped and after the deer had died (thankfully before the cops got there), took the deer and put it in the back of his buddy's truck, and drove off.

The total damage to my car is: deployed airbag, white powder all over my car, the hoodis smashed in, and will need a paint job, and the grill and head light on the driver side are broke and smashed. Estimated cost to fix: $2500

I think I cried for about 12 hours afterwards. I felt so bad for the deer. That was all I could think about. Not my car, not the moeny, not evenm whether I was okay or not...the fact that I hit a deer.

I dont think i will ever be able to forgive myself....

So yesterday:

I was at work. Aaron (a student at WSU) had just given blood. He was telling Kelly that he needed to go drink something, and kelly recommened juice. There was a guy stading at the load station, and when he heard that gave Aaron $20. Aaron had told him "no thanks. I cant accept that." The guy insisted and was forcing this money on to Aaron. He kept telling Aaron that it was a great thing that he did. Aarom finally gave in and took the tip, and told the guy thank you about a millino times.

The guy proceeded down the line, to get his sandwich, and about 5 minutes later got to the register. Kelly insisted that she buy his sandwiches and the guy refused. After about 2 minutes of happy arguing and "no, its fine. I got it" and "no, sir, im paying for it"....he gave in sid fine. Before he left though, he counted six people, and left six $20 bills on the counter, and ran out of the store. Kelly tried to run and give him his money back, but the guys got in his car and drove off.

WE all stood there in shock, not knowing what to do. The couple at the nearest table laughed and asked how much the guy left. When we showed iot to him, the other customers in the store were in shock.

I dont know what to make of the past couple days events.

Hopefully everythign will work itself out.
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