Jessica Marie (sparkler15) wrote,
Jessica Marie


The people at the troy probation department and fucking retarded.

First my P.O says "oh, if you go to this program, well take you off random drug testing.." So i was thinking cool, I wont have to worry about a time rush or anything for when Ill have to pee. She tells me to be at this one place on crooks at 11:00 today for the first part to this class.

When I get there though, they dont have me down for the stop-your-drug-testing-class...but this other one that will become extremely obnixious as the months roll on. Now I have a color and a letter. If either one of these is reported on the hotline in the morning, I have to go in and take the test that associates with the number/letter.

i was in there for over 2 hours today. Do they not get that a full time college student, who works practically full time, and may have another job soon, has time to sit there that long? why can they do it all at once?

oh thats right....because that would make life way to easy.

Even people with office jobs who come in would have to agree with me. THe time they are open for test is from 9-5. MOST PEOPLE WITH OFFICE JOBS WORK THOSE HOURS ASSHOLES! c'mon...

I think some people need to think this through a little bit more.

They dont even give you 24 hours notice anymore, like they did before. If your number/letter is on the hotline, you have to be there before 4 to take the test. oh yeah...becuase that makes perfect sense.

i swear....troy is full of IDIOTS!


other than that, life is okay.

I still dont know what Im doing about kyle. The whole situation makes no sense at all, and its not like this problem will be resolved anytime soon. Until he wants what I want, or we can at least agree on something in the middle, we will both be stuck in this position until one of us decided to leave. wonder love life, eh?

School starts up in about 2 weeks. freaking lovely. I have to call them bastards too.

thats really about it for now I guess. Just some random venting. Im going to try and take a nap before work. I was out till 5 last night. v.v
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