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Couple good things to write about:

1) John is an absolute doll! Probably the only manager I dont mind working OT for. such a sweetheart.

2) Excited for August. I think Im going camping with Kyle, Scott, and Shortie....and most likely Rochelle! Even though her family reunion is right on the other side of he river, we'll still get to see her and be able to hang out! How totally cool is that?

3) Also working on another trip back to toronto. I miss my alex. He called me this morning around 4:00 just to say he was thinkng about me. He was asking all these really cute questions like "do you remember where our first kiss was? Do you remember the first thing you said to me?" really cute I thought.

4) Seth came into work yesterday. I missed that kid. Im sad I dont get to see him as much as I used to. Sethy-poo, there is a lot we need to talk about, and Im sure there is stuff you have to tell me too! *wink*

Ahh, the men in my life make me happy - for once.
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