Jessica Marie (sparkler15) wrote,
Jessica Marie

To Whom it May Concern:

I hear you've been asking about me. Its touching, it really is....when its truthful. But please, do not ask a third party how Im doing and what I've been up to just to make conversation. If you really care, like you say , dont you think by now you would have called me? Even if it is just to say hello?

And dont say "but JP, I dont have your cell number! I dont have the number to your house! How am I supposed to get a hold of you if I dont have your numbers?" good question my friend, but may I remind you that the people you hang out with, or at least the one you chat about me with, has all of my numbers, emails addresses, and screen names. So, there is no excuse to not having a way to get in touch with me or getting a method of contact.

"JP, I havent had much time though.." you say. Oh yes, the life of an OCC student is so hard. The way I see it: if you have to time to play with your lesbian girlfriend and sit at computer games all day, then you have time to talk to old friends that you claim to care so much about. I know Im not the only one feeling a little lost and piised off about why they were never called anymore, but Im the only one who is going to tell you so.

In short --- Any kind of connection you have with someone, whether that is a friendship or a relationship, has to be two sided or it will never work. Can you guess why I stopped calling? The reason I stopped caring?

Because it is hard to be friends with someone who cares only about themself.

By the way.... I'm fine Never been better.

- Jessica
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